Hazard Lights

It's snowing. That's not a hazard douchebag...

You think you're the only one on the road who's driving in sh*tty conditions? Well, you're not. You're just the asshole who thinks that having your hazards blinking is going to magically protect you from danger.

You're wrong. Turn off your f*cking hazard lights.. Oh, but "Safety First" right? Well, maybe you think YOU'RE safer. But you're making everyone else hate life. All your stupid lights do is create blinking glare on everyone's windsheilds. And their not safety lights, they're HAZARD lights..

If you're driving with your hazards on, you better be going 15 miles an hour on the shoulder with a serious f*cking problem. Not keeping up with traffic without a care in the world... DOUCHEBAGS...

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