Get over yourself. Yes, you.

None of us is perfect. We ALL f*ck up. We ALL have problems.

Fix them.

Then you'll have new problems, and still not be perfect.

But at least you'll be out of denial.

I can deal with people with issues, because we ALL have issues. I can't deal with people who have issues and refuse to admit it.

Actually, I REALLY hate it when they admit they have issues, but won't do anything to help remedy said issues.

Therapy isn't so bad. Look at those nice chaps in the photo, having a chit chat... Now why is that so scary?

Probably because they're twins.. Just one of them is wearing glasses.. I guess it is kind of creepy.


Anonymous said...
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Katie said...

Anonymous, so funny you should drop by. I'm sure you've realized this post was about you. It's refreshing to see you're still in denial. If you need me, I'm going to be busy getting over myself. It's quite time-consuming.