I Don't Want To Date Him

This friend of mine is seeing a new girl.

A bit of history..

We've known eachother for about 7 years. We dated for about 2 months of that seven years, which roughly translates into 2.38% of the entire time we've known eachother. I'm not too good at math, so I may be off.. Either way, our "romance" didn't work, and we've recovered gracefully, and maintained an honest and supportive friendship. We have a bunch of mutual friends, and everything is cool with everyone.

About the girl...

This new girl is intelligent, responsible and has a great personality. She is friends with all of my friends, and I've always liked her. I approve wholeheartedly. She's exactly the kind of girl I would reccomend for him.

I'm thankful that for once he's not dating a stupid bitch. His former girls were crazy or possessive or totally dysfuctional. One time, he dated this girl who was living with her boyfriend and dating him at the same time. Any good friend would discourage that, myself included. And he's always objected to all of the sh*t-caked relationships I've been in.

Of all the girls in the universe, I would be the last girl to do anything to ruin this guy's current relationship. I won't lie, I love him. He's my best friend. But, that in NO WAY means I want to date him or hook up with him or do anything to jeapordize this. I'm not a threat. I'm on her side, I am rooting for her, all in favor say yay... yay.

It's the aforementioned stupid bitches she's gotta watch out for. Nevertheless, she's uncomfortable with me hanging out.

Now, let's ignore the 82 months that we DIDN'T date, and focus on the 2 months that we did. This happened this past summer, so while most people would assume that the relationship is a fresh wound in our minds and hearts, in actuality, the reasons for ending the relationship are most prominent. Those two months are proof that the other 82 months were far superior. It took 6 and a half years for anything to happen, so scientifically, this girl has until 2012 to start worrying about any problems.

I respect that she doesn't want me around. And I will do my best to stay at a distance. But I can't guarantee that we're going to stop hanging out together. That's not fair. I just wanted all of us to be cool. I don't want there to be problems. I don't want her to be uncomfortable and I don't want him to feel guilty. There has to be a better way, because this sucks.


TOM said...

Don't abandon your friendship, we only find a few that really last in our lives, if she doesn't get over her insecurity then the guy isn't trying hard enough or she's just a controlling bitch that doesn't deserve him!! So There..

Katie said...

Update: He got dumped.

ron said...

he got dumped? why?

by your post, i could tell that you're a better person than her.

Katie said...

I don't necessarily think I'm better than her. I just think she f'ed herself in the A... If you know what I mean.. And I think you do..