Adult Temper Tantrums

When a grown man gets all pissed off and starts throwing things or punching walls, I want to shoot myself. I can't think of anything more retarted. Seriously.

The thing is, they don't do it when they're alone. They do it in plain sight, or they're loud enough so that someone will turn around and pay attention to their temper tantrum.

I have no patience for reactionaries.


Will said...

I can understand what you mean. I know you would not think of it but I have been there. I have experienced that first hand. Maybe it wasn't just as you say wanting to be seen, wanting attention at any cost, yet I did need someone to get just how upset I was. My instant karma was a broken bone in my hand. To this day I have not thrown an adult temper tantrum.

I hope you do not see this as a cop out but I will give to you that it will sound as one. We all usually not taught how to deal with anger well. We are not usually taught how to effectively release it in a positive healing manner. We more frequently see so many negative ways modeled before us.

It comes down to taking the concious effort to change that within you as an individual. We all have that strenght within us but just a lack of confidence that it can be found.

I am glad that I found it before ever doing anything really more stupid and disgusting as just breaking my own hand.

I hope you appreciate the thought you provoked for I am. Anything I can learn about myself right now is such a good thing.

Thanks Katie.

Katie said...

You know Will, I totally agree when you say that most of us are not taught how to effectively deal with anger.

It's been my understanding that our society teaches men that anger is okay, but sadness and fear are not. While at the same time, women are taught that sadness is acceptable, but anger is not. Hence women crying when they're pissed off, a complete misrepresentation of their true feelings.

It's refreshing to know that you spend time trying to improve yourself. Working on yourself, as painful as it may be, is perhaps the most rewarding and beneficial thing we can do to improve our lives. Mad props dog, mad props.

Will said...

Thanks Katie.

Bob Higgins said...

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Anonymous said...

I just wondered if anyone had any help out there for someone like me. Let me explain my situation. I have been married for ten years. We have two kids. For the past five years or so, especially in the past three, my husband gets really angry and yells and curses at the kids a lot. Sometimes he does idiotic things like punching a brick wall (brilliant huh?) and tonight after the kids were asleep, he threw some things across the room, away from anyone so nobody was anywhere near getting hurt. But come on, it's absolutely ridiculous and it just seems to be getting worse. When I met him and up until a few years ago, he was the most patient man I ever knew. He acts like such a sweetheart to everyone in public, but like an idiot at home when the kids are just being kids. We both knew before kids that they wouldn't always sit completely quietly doing nothing. Please any advice?????